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Golden Temple

golden temple
The Harmandir Sahib or Darbar sahib is known as Golden Temple. It is prestigious Sikh Gurdwara located in Amritsar, Punjab, India. The fifth Sikh guru Guru Arjan constructed this religious gurudwara in the 16th Century. In 1604, Guru Arjun finalized the Adi Granth, the holy writ of Sikhism, and established it in the Gurdwara.
There are four doors to enter in Golden Temple. It indicates that it is open for all people whether they belong to any religion. It was reconstructed by Jassa Singh Ahluwalia with the help of other Sikh Misls in 1764. In 19th century Maharaja Ranjit Singh saved the Punjab region from outside invaders and covered it with gold. So it is called “The Golden Temple”.

Durgiana Mandir

durgiana mandir in amritsar
Sri Durgiana Mandir is situated in Amritsar. Many pilgrims from India and overseas come to visit this focal point of faith. Durgiana Mandir is named after Goddess Durga. People come here to pray for their health and wealth as in the past the families of soldiers use to come to pray for the protection and health of the soldiers fighting in wars. This is the main reason why people are attracted to this holy site.
Guru Ram Das ji founded this holy city Amritsar. The various mythical and historical connections have made it significant place for Hindus. It is popular and touches the heart of people because it is believed that Luv-Kush with their mother Mata Sita spent their childhood on the land of Amritsar.

Jallianwala Bagh

jallianwala bagh near golden temple in amritsar
Jallianwala Bagh is a famous garden in Amritsar. It was established in 1951 to commemorate the massacre by British on the occasion of Punjabi New year on April 13, 1919. It was known as Jallianwala Bagh Massacre. The British forces interrupted a peaceful gathering on the occasion of Punjabi new year and shot down many innocent lies. The British sources showed 379 fatalities and about 1100 wounded.
The 6.5-acre (26,000 m2) garden site is located near the Golden Temple complex, the holiest shrine of Sikhism. It is managed by the Jallianwala Bagh National Memorial Trust. This garden preserves the acts of cruelty of British empire and brings a sense of patriotism in every Indian.

Wagah Border

wagah border in amritsar
Wagaha Border is the only road Border situated between India & Pakistan. Wagaha is located on the international highway between Amritsar & Lahore . A ceremony known as the Beating Retreal ceremony or ‘lowering the flags ceremony’ takes place every evening. It is a daily military practice that the security forces of India & Pakistan. The ceremony starts with the parade by the soldiers from the both the sides & ends by the perfectly co-ordinate lowering of the nations flag and then the gates are closed on both the sides. This ceremony attracts tourists from India & abroad.

Akal Takhat Sahib

akal takht sahib in golden temple at amritsar
The Akal Takht Sahib is the topmost temporal authority of the Khalsa Build by Guru Hargobind Sahib I the Harmandir Sahib complex stands as witness of the Sikh idea of sovereignty. It was established as a place from which concerns of Sikhs like political & military will be acted upon. It is a magnificent piece of architecture. After facing various attacks it still stands with great grace preserving the sovereignty of Sikhs.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum

famous museum in amritsar at company bagh
Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum – the treasure housr of history art and architecture of the Sikhs of the 18th-19th century is located in the beautiful garden Ram Bagh Amritsar. It is named after the most popular ruler of Punjab Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Dr. hidayat ullah, vice President of India, inaugurated the museum in 1977 which displays a large variety of fence oil paintings, maniatures coins weapons arms & armour.

Sadda Pind

famous museum in amritsar at company bagh
Sadda Pind is a Punjabi Village resort spread across 12 acres of land. It brings you a chance to experience authentic culture, colours and flavours of Punjab in one place.Situated in the holy city of Amritsar, just 8 kms from Golden Temple, Sadda Pind offers a perfect setting for a weekend getaway or a short stay with family and friends. The people behind Sadda Pind have over 29 years of experience in hospitality and administration. Sadda Pind is an endeavour to redefine entertainment and hospitality through commitment and world class service.